Important information before the big start

Half-marathon and 10 KM courses require both – physical and psychological preparation. If you have any health issues or feeling under the weather on a race day, you should not participate. If you are not certain whether you should or should not race, we strongly advise reaching out to the doctor for confirmation. 

You must get a doctors permission to start if:

  • you are using any kind of medication;
  • you have any heart issues, epilepsy, myocarditis or similar diseases;

We strongly advise to think out your participation if:

  • the temperature is very high on race day. Running will require a lot of strength;
  • you recently had any kind of virus or used antibiotics. The immune system will be weakened;
  • you feel symptoms of cold: sore throat, runny nose, faintness;
  • you have injured an ankle, pain of Achilles tendon, swollen knees;

On the race day:

  • do not eat any foods that your body is not used to;
  • drink the proper amount of water and stay hydrated;
  • use special cream or vaseline on the thighs and under-arms to prevent abrasion;
  • stick some medical tape on the nipples;
  • stick a medical patch in advance in most vulnerable spots to prevent blistering;
  • If you are feeling anxious, try to listen to some music, communicate with other participants or volunteers.

Stay hydrated

It is very important to drink the proper amount of water. Stay hydrated not just before but also during the race. You will be able to have a glass or a few on the course at the special water stations.

Stay safe and healthy

Medical staff will course along the route – do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. 

Withdrawing from the race is NOT SHAMEFUL.

Your health is the most important thing!